2018 Polaris RZR UTV World Championship Powered by Monster Energy

The Team had a fun time meeting new people and watching the utv world championship races. We really enjoy shooting action packed moments and these off-road races are full of them. This was a dusty/rough race and wasn’t the easiest to shoot….especially without media passes. It is very hard on your camera gear and you have to be very careful to protect your camera and lenses from all the dust and dirt. We met up with our sxsblog http://sxsblog.com/ friendsĀ out there. If you haven’t checked out these characters you should….they are entertaining and have some good info on their site and youtube channel.

We drove from Phoenix, AZ to Laughlin, NV in about 4 hours which wasn’t too bad. We arrived the day before the race to shoot some establishing shots and pre-race shots at contingency and also to check out the area. If you haven’t been to Laughlin its basically a few casinos on a river. Kiiiiinda like a mini vegas….but not really. Anyway, once we finished up the video shoot we headed over to our airbnb to prep gear for race day and get some rest.

It was finally the race day and we were excited to get to shooting. We left the airbnb and went straight to the races and entered into the pit area. We had two goals….cover the entire event so that we could create a highlight of the 2018 Polaris RZR UTV World Championship Powered by Monster Energy and our other goal was to collaborate with a team and make a little highlight for that race team. I am happy to say that we accomplished both of those goals and although it certainly had its hurdles we got er done!

Once the races were all over we went out to the Dumont dunes the following day which was sunday. The sxsblog guys have a pretty decent following and there ended up being a good size group of people out there. Our initial thought was to get a bunch of rad footage but it was just too hard to do with that many people there. We mostly just cruised around the dunes a little bit. The Evolution Powersports guys were also out there with their beastly Can-Am X3’s. You’ll see some of their cars in the dune video below.

Check out the video results below.



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